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GLAAD Amplified: LGBTQ Voices in Advertising
September 22, 2017
Advertising Week's Premier and Only LGBTQ Panel and Networking Event In a remarkable year of change, meet the advertisers who exceeded expectations. Featuring a distinguished panel of top advertising executives and an in-depth analysis of this year's most talked about LGBTQ inclusive ad campaigns. Connect with the marketing and advertising leaders behind your favorite ad campaigns and participate ...
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NGLCC Scores NBA Partnership, Vastly Expanding LGBT Inclusion in Sports Leagues Purchasing from LGBT-Owned Businesses
May 10, 2017
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Leading LGBTQ Entrepreneur Organization to Launch First-of-Its-Kind Online Community
October 06, 2016
StartOut, a national non-profit organization that supports, educates and connects LGBTQ entrepreneurs, today announced the launch of its online platform, the StartOut Community. It is designed to address the multifaceted needs of LGBTQ entrepreneurs.
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Join the StartOut LGBTQ Entrepreneurial Community
August 09, 2016
Connect with mentors, investors, and other LGBTQ entrepreneurs to start or grow your business!
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National Resources for LGBT Entrepreneurs
June 28, 2016
Whether you’re looking for other LGBT-owned businesses, wondering what certification means, or hoping to connect with LGBT entrepreneurs and allies at the next national conference, these resources have you covered.
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It's social and it's personal: LGBT coverage in the digital age
October 30, 2014
How are media outlets covering the LGBT community in today's connected online space?
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New Haven Advocate, 1975-2013
December 05, 2013
For much of its life the Advocate championed third parties, legal dope, gay and civil rights, underground local music, and public support for the arts.
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Lesbian Dating: How I Got Here
August 16, 2013
Here is the second post from the “Transitions” project, by Juliette Prais.  We connected on LinkedIn back in January through the LGBT Professional Network and planned to collaborate for this blog.  I am very happy that we made it happen!
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Tables are Turned - Paul Collanton interviews Jenn T. Grace
August 08, 2013

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How Social Media Will Help Us Make The World A More Equal Place
June 25, 2013
More than 80% of us under the age of 30 support the recognition of same-sex marriage, and that should be no surprise. A powerful byproduct of our connectedness is that the LGBTQ community is more visible than ever...
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‘Gay Press, Gay Power: The Growth of LGBT Community Papers in America’ edited by Tracy Baim | Lambda Literary
March 20, 2013
Before the Internet, a savvy young queer person could learn about LGBT culture by acquiring a gay or lesbian newspaper. They were usually available in queer-friendly bookstores and other “community” establishments. For someone still living with homophobic parents, it took an act of courage to bring one of those papers home, for fear they would be discovered—but what a lifeline these papers provide...
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