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The Focus Group July 23 – Merryn Johns, Editor-Curve Magazine (VIDEO)
July 23, 2016
Merryn Johns, Editor in Chief of Curve Magazine, joins The Focus Group to discuss a wide range of topics related the importance of print media and what she sees as issues currently confronting women and lesbians in this election season. But first, Tim ponders the idea of joining the Mile High Club on Flamingo Air and John shares his least favorite summer job.
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VIDEO: Lesbians Who Tech + Allies San Francisco Summit '16
July 20, 2016
starring Kara Swisher, Edie Windsor & You
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VIDEO: Lesbian Moms in Airbnb Commercial- Hey That's Us!
June 10, 2016
Susan and Brandy share the behind the scenes of shooting an Airbnb commercial with the family. If you make it to the end you might even see the commercial
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The kind of visuals being used in content creation is rapidly changing. Here we reveal 5 key image and video trends you need to know about.
June 06, 2016
The 2010s have seen big brands change the way they portray families in a bid to remain globally relevant and emotionally engaging. Marketing and advertising now commonly features single parents, gay parents, stay-at-home dads and blended families.
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